This is a recent piece of Aemilia Ars lace which I have just completed. Only have to mount it & frame it now.
Worked in DMC no.80 cotton.
 Here is Raj the elephant finished at last!
Oh I did enjoy working on him!
He is worked in DMC over-dyed Rayon threads - 1 strand plus added beads, sequins & other little treasures.
 Here is a close-up of the head area.
Once I can get Raj off the frame I will mount him onto a tile shape covered board.
Another close-up of the rump area. Hopefully if the mounting on the board goes according to plan, I will try to give him an Eastern look.
 This is my first go at making ginkgo leaves which I love. The pattern is one from Dianne Fitzgerald's which I have modified to my own mix of beads I had in my stash.
The necklace attached to the leaves is one I made a few years ago but was just the right thing to attach the ginkgo leaves to. Currently I am making earrings to match. This is such fun!

My Most Recent Work

Recently I have moved to a retirement village which has taken some doing now that I am much older! However I am still doing embroidery, knitting, crocheting, bobbin lace & needle lace making.
I have a few pieces I have worked recently to post here for you to view. Enjoy!
 This embroidery of the humming birds was a colouring picture from Johanna Basford's book.
It is worked with 1 strand mostly of DMC stranded thread with sequins & beads added. It is a table top for a wine table.
 This picture of the chandelier is worked in DMC rayon thread with Swarovski crystals added for realism. Plus bugle beads for the candles.
 This picture of the two fishes are waiting to be framed. Worked in over-dyed rayon threads with beads added.
 The elephant is a work-in-progress also stitches with rayon threads - some solid colours others over-dyed.
 This is an Irish crocheted shawl which I did recently from a crochet magazine, showing Love Knots & Roses. Lower photo shows the shamrocks ar…